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The Archdiocese of Bangkok founded this pastoral training center during the administration of Cardinal Michael Michai Kitbunchoo in 1995.

Baan Phu Waan has been operating as a pastoral training center ever since  to fulfil the spirit of the Catholic Church.

Baan Phu Waan”

“Paulo planted, Apollos watered, but God caused the growth”

The name “Phu Waan” is the pen name of the Archbishop Joseph Khiamsun Nittayo, The first Thai Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Bangkok.

Archbishop Joseph Khiamsun Nittayo was born on 29th May 1908.

He was ordained a priest on the 21st December 1935 and was consecrated a Bishop on the 20th October 1963.

He administrated the Archdiocese of Bangkok from 1965 to 1973. In his retirement, due to health condition, he stayed at the St. Joseph Seminary, which he built and dedicated all his strengths to make it a place to train priests and prepare seminarians for priesthood.

Archbishop Joseph Khiamsun Nittayo was a teacher who gave both knowledge and love to everybody. He was a writer with many recognized distinguished work and taught Latin at the King’s palace.

He used the pen name “Phu Waan” to signify his works that “The Sower has gone out to sow his crops”, which reflect the writing of St. Paul that “I planted, Apollos watered, but God caused the growth”

Thus, Cardinal Michael Michai Kitbunchoo, out of the respect and love for Archbishop Joseph Khiamsun Nittayo has built this center to honor the Archbishop and named it “Baan Phu Waan” after his pen name.

Therefore, “Baan Phu Waan” Pastoral Training Center has followed and fulfilled the intentions and the objectives of the Church since 27th May 1995 

The Symbol of the Baan Phu Waan Center


The symbol of the Baan Phu Waan Center is a cross made up with 4 ears of rice in different colors

Color Meanings

The color gold represents redemption or resurrection, thus is it the color used for the First Communion or for the rites of Confirmation. Gold signifies the purity from baptism and it is also the color that represents the purity of Chasity.


Purple is an equal mix between the colors light blue and red. Purple represents the Love (red) in Truth (light blue) and the Truth in Love (red) from God (light blue) and for witnessing the Love and the Truth that the Son of God has become man who suffered and died for us on the cross.


Green is a mix between the colors light blue and yellow (or gold). Purple represents the eternity, faith, wisdom, and glory. Light blue is the color of God the Father representing the Truth from the Breath of God this is the Holy Spirit. The color of eternity and the thirst for human to live the life supernatural or the eternal live


Red symbolizes fire, blood, life and the willingness to die as a martyr yielding the meaning of Love (The Holy Spirit, cherubim wings, the aura of martyrdom, the creation of Adam from the red earth.